Every investor reaches a point in which they pose the question, "what's next step?". Real Estate Done Right strives to provide clarity and insight from experienced mentors to help investors reach the next level and achieve financial success.


Jordan Aubrey

I am a Real Estate Investor that resides in the Dallas area but conducts Real Estate business throughout the state of Texas. Although successful, this was not the original path I set for myself.

 Much like many others, I discovered an opportunity for success in real estate investment. After years of learning, growing, failing, regrouping, and finally finding success, I am at a point in my career where I am ready to pass it forward to others seeking the same level of financial freedom and success.


My Story

With dreams of playing in the NFL, I assumed the role of a collegiate student athlete until an injury dissolved those dreams. In 2014, I graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with a degree in Kinesiology and settled into my new position on the sidelines as a high school football coach. However, I had the innate drive for bigger and better remained. That drive continued to propel me forward for the next 2 years as I navigated throughout career and lifestyle changes.

 After losing a substantial amount of money in my investment property in 2016, I immersed myself in the Real Estate culture in which I figured out successful tactics and strategies to making a profit. Putting my newly found education to use, I rebounded from my loss by making $100k during my first venture into wholesaling. For the last few years, I have turned every Real Estate opportunity from Fix & Flips to Sub-to-Wraps into a profit. I quickly learned that successful marketing was the key to the turnaround of my Real Estate experience.

 Ultimately, my growing reputation for successful Real Estate marketing has led me to conduct seminars over my marketing tactics and mentor people who are interested in Real Estate investment all while continuing to make my mark in the Real Estate world. Today, I continue to spread my wealth of knowledge and resources to other future leaders.


Why I Do It

There are several reasons as to why I do it. For me, it was being able to change the trajectory of my family’s life and to be able to have the ability to live a phenomenal life in my early 30s. Being able to have kids and not worry about how certain things were going to be paid. Being able to afford a lifestyle of what we do in terms of traveling, giving back and educating regarding helping others. I feel like I would be doing a disservice to myself and to others if I did not take the time to look back and reach back and help someone live the exact same life and do the exact same thing that I am able to do with my family. Being able to help a young person struggling, which is something I have done before and help them by providing them with guidance and clarity on what this process looks like and how they can use real estate to change their lives as well.

So, for me, why I do it, is because flipping a house only allowed me to change my situation but helping someone learn how to flip a house allows them to flip their life and acquire the same financial freedom that I once longed for and ultimately accomplished.